The True History of Dracula

s   First, allow me to apologize for not posting in such a long time! I had a very busy week. Hope this does not affect my Stats :). Im taking a break from history and doing a science ”experiment”. My friend doubts that music has ANY effect on the mind. I believe it has a huge effect, so im doing research and using plants as an example.

Now, a post I think many of you will find very interesting. The True History of Dracula, or Vlad The Impaler.

File:Vlad Tepes 002.jpg

This is  one of the few portraits of Dracula. This man goes by many names including Dracula, Vlad Tepes (pronounced  tse-pesh), Vlad III the impaler, Vlad Dracula or Vlad III Prince of  Wallachia. I’m going to call him Dracula during this post. For the record, Tepes stands for Impaler.

Whats with ”The Impaler” as a suffix to his name you may ask.  He was known for punishing criminals, poor, or disabled  by impaling them on a stake. This would also scare trespassers, and people to commit crime. He is known to have killed up to 100,000 people. That’s a lot more during the 15th century, considering that population was much smaller.

The origin of the word Dracula is also very interesting. King Sigismund of Hungary started a secret order of knights, known as The Order of The Dragon. Their job was to save Christianity, and defend their land against the Ottoman Turks. Dracula’s  father (Vlad II) was admitted to the Order around 1431 because of his bravery in fighting the Turks, and from then on wore the symbol.  Dracula’s father was known as Vlad Dracul.  Meaning ‘Vlad the Dragon’.  In Romanian, Ulea means Son, so DracULA meant son of the dragon. Drac also means devil, so when historians were reading some of the texts from Dracula’s enemies it would say Vlad The Devil.

File:Dragon order insignia.jpg

Here is a picture of the emblem. Note the cross on the dragons wings.

Your main question right now is ”Was Dracula a Vampire?!?!”, fortunately the answer is no.  So how did he become famous vampire?

How did he go from this

To this

One common MYTH is that Dracula was addicted to blood. That’s a myth, I don’t think he was really addicted to blood. My theory is  that Bram Stoker simply had a fascination with Dracula. However, Dracula also had some very violent forms of torture, so violent I could not read the detail of it, so i would rather not share it in this post. If you want information on his torture methods Wikepidia has some good information under ”legacy” of his torture.

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In honour of 2009

Someone said I should do  research about what life was like 100 years ago (almost 101 now). After hours of work on studying 1909, I finally came up with this.


This is an image of times square in 1909.

Common dress for a female in 1909. (This is the best original picture I could find)

Common  dress for a male in 1909.

Interesting Facts…

The average life was 47 years

Car fuel was sold only in Drug Stores.

Only 14%  of homes had a bath tub. (YUCK!)

Only 8% of homes had the telephone.

There were only 8,000 cars 144 miles of paved rodes.

The average speed limit was 10 MPH.

The tallest building in world was the Eiffel Tower.

The average wage was 22 cents per hour.

The average worker made 200 to 400 dollars a year.

95% of all births took place at home.

90% of all doctors had no college education. Instead they attended so-called medical schools, many of which were condemned.

Sugar cost 4 cents.

Eggs were 14 cents.

Coffee was 15 cents.

Most woman washed their hair once a month, using  egg yolks for Shampoo. (YUCK!)

Top five leading causes of death were

  1. Flu
  2. Tuberculosis
  3. Diarrhea (how do you die from that?!?)
  4. Heart diseases
  5. Stroke

The U.S. Flag had 45 stars.

Population of Las Vegas was 30.

There was no such thing as a crossword puzzle or canned beer

No mothers day or fathers day.

Two in every Ten Americans could read.

Only six percent of Americans graduated.

Only 230 murders reported in the ENTIRE U.S.A! (Shocking, Huh?)

Not that anyone reads my blog (not kidding, I have 0 hits so far…, if your reading this, you changed that!) but if you do, tell me what you think, would you rather live in 1909 or 2009. Personally, I  like 1909 MUCH better then 2009, then again, im a super major history geek.

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The Friendship That Never Broke.

Thomas Jefferson and John Adams  met in the 1775 during the continental congress. Even though they were different in many ways, they formed a strong friendship.

Portrait of John Adams

In 1776, the two worked together to draft the constitution, and in 1784 Jefferson joined Adams in Paris as diplomats.  Jefferson stayed in Paris,  Adams went to London.  Jefferson often wrote to his wife, often referring to her as ”my neighbor”. When Jefferson went to London on diplomatic business he and Adams visited Shakespeare’s home, and chipped off  a piece of his chair ”as custom” said Adams.

Portrait of Thomas Jefferson

In the end, politics is what separated them from their close friendship. They both remained friends despite their political differences , until 1801, when Jefferson became president. They stopped writing, and their close  friendship seemed to be over.

Until Dr. Benjamin Bush tried so hard to fix their broken friendship. He had no success, until  1811 when one of Jefferson’s neighbors visited Adams. He told Jefferson on what he said ”I have always loved Jefferson, I still love him”. In response, Jefferson wrote Benjamin Bush stating that  ” This is enough for me. I only needed this knowledge to revive towards him all of the affections of the most cordial moments of our lives.” He asked Rush to persuade Adams to renew their correspondence. A letter from Adams was forthcoming, and they continued to write until their deaths.

Ironically, their death was on the same day,  July 4th 1826, the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration. The very thing that brought them together as friends was the Declaration of Independence, and the chances that those two friends, presidents, diplomats, signers, died on the very same day of each other, and on the anniversary of the Declaration is beyond me. John Adams last words were ”Jefferson still Lives”.

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Ivan IV, Tsar of Russia

Ivan is (in my opinion, and obviously in the opinion of many others) one of the most Terrible people that ever lived. Torturing woman and children for his own delight. Here is the true history of Ivan.

File:Vasnetsov Ioann 4.jpg

Portrait of Ivan IV

As a child,  he was an orphan. His dad died when he was three years old, and his mother died shortly after. This still did not excuse what he would do in the future. Ivans reign is typically spit into two half’s, the first half was the good half. The second was the terrible half. During the first half of his reign he was advised by a council, and it consisted of  peaceful reforms and moderation’s. As things started to go bad, he became mentally unstable and addicted to see other in pain. He would watch people get tortured for his own entertainment. Historians estimate that he killed anywhere from two to  five thousand people.

A man begging for his life

Ivan often sent men to the houses to get victims.

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The True History of “Santa”

Saint Nicholas was a real person. In what is now Turkey, Nicholas did much good (born 270 AD, died 347 AD) . He helped the poor and saved the innocent from death. However,  The good Bishop is most famous on this one story.

One day, there was a peasant girl to be sold to slavery.  It would cost one gold coin to buy her to freedom.  He tossed the coin in the window, and it landed in a stocking drying by the fire. Word spread of his generosity,  and poor kids set out stockings with hot cakes as a gift offering.

No one really knows how much of that particular story is true, but ten years after he died, December 6 347 AD, he was finally made a Saint, and they declared December 6th st. Nicholas day, a day for gift giving. It soon merged with the Holy Holiday, Christmas.

File:Ilja Jefimowitsch Repin 005.jpg

Here is an 1888 portrait of Saint Nicholas saving three innocents from death.

An original portrait of  Saint Nicholas, note the position of his fingers making a ‘peace’ symbol.

File:Russian icon Instaplanet Saint Nicholas.JPG

Another original, his fingers are again a point of interest. Either another ‘peace’ symbol, or the word ‘Love’ in sign language. Hover, to my knowledge there was no sign language until the seventeenth century, much less the peace symbol.

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True History

This blog will post only history. I mostly will post history of Royals, Egypt, and Early American history, for they are what I know the most about.  However, it is important to define history, otherwise it would become a news blog.

  1. I will only post history that is 100 years old, with few exceptions.
  2. I will (try) not to post history that will start political debate, again, with exceptions

I know tons of Royal history, usually about murder. I have studied the murder of royals for two months now.

I know way to much about early American history. I have three years experience studying (thoroughly) American history, and our founders.

I hope you enjoy the history I will share.

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